As a business owner and professional, protecting and growing your income will solidify your future and that of your family’s. It is our mission to deliver highly strategic and personalized solutions to increase the wealth, profitability and performance of our clients’ portfolios.
Portfolio and wealth Management
Business Funding
Cash Flow Solutions
Business owners understand that the health of his or her cash flow is incredibly important. If you require funds for your company and you need it in a relatively short amount of time, bridge loan financing could be the option for you.
Private Investment Products
Discover Exempt
Market Investments
Looking to diversify your portfolio? Exempt market investments are worth exploring. This will allow you to invest in opportunities that are outside of the public market and aren’t bought and sold on a stock exchange.

Private Wealth Management Services & Business Capital Solutions

Silverstone Wealth Partners is a discerning, boutique private wealth management firm servicing professionals and business owners.  Specializing in private market investments, we also provide our clients with access to wealth protection concepts, profit enhancing business services, and international opportunities.  Our overarching mandate is to protect and grow your wealth.



We help you invest your wealth by protecting and growing it - without taking on undue risks.  Unlike most other firms, we integrate private capital investments in a measured way into your portfolio providing stability through diversification.




We offer several financing options tailored to your specific needs to help you grow your business. These options include, but are not limited to mortgage lending, equipment leasing, bridge financing, and corporate finance solutions.


At Silverstone, we help you increase your investment

Silverstone Wealth Partners is dedicated to providing value by creating opportunities for wealth expansion for business owners and professionals. We aid you in growing your personal finances and investments while providing you with the tools and knowledge you need for your business to flourish via our boutique private wealth management services. Through our partners we can help clients gain access to the funds required to grow their business.

We take great pride in getting to know our clients through a consultative approach, and assist them in discovering and defining the goals they intend to achieve. Our clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and high net worth individuals and their families. We have helped clients with varying financial objectives. No matter what your goals are or background, we take care to ensure that you are appropriately positioned to create wealth by developing well-diversified portfolios and access to advanced tax strategies.

We take great pride in connecting our clients to the wealth management and business solutions they need to meet their goals.
Gary Underwood
Gary Underwood


Silverstone Wealth Management

Silverstone Wealth Management is a boutique private wealth management firm located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. When looking for financial advisory specialists you can turn to Silverstone Wealth Management to coordinate your investments, retirement planning, business capital solutions, group employee benefits and to receive sound tax strategies. We deliver a comprehensive assortment of financial services and products to our clients, including investment portfolio management and financial planning.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients’ access to private market investment opportunities with the potential for substantial returns. Ours is a consultative approach offering custom, strategic solutions that help you achieve your short and long-term wealth planning goals.


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