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At Silverstone Wealth Partners, our mission is to significantly improve the wealth, profitability, and performance of our business owner clients with strategic financial solutions that are clear, professional, and robust. We provide value to our clients by creating innovative opportunities for wealth development. All of our clients are optimally primed for wealth creation, both by being better equipped to run their affairs and by having their investments strategically placed. We take pride in knowing that our High Net Worth clients have access to impressive investment opportunities with the potential for significant returns.



Gary Underwood

As President of Silverstone Wealth Partners, Gary Underwood, is actively involved in introducing clients to appropriate opportunities. He has experience working in a broad array of industry sectors including:

  • Investment Advisory and Investment Management
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Business Capital Solutions

He is past member, committee chair, and multiple awards recipient within various public and private member groups and associations. Gary is mortgage licensed and as well, an award winning, licensed commercial and residential Realtor since 1988.

Gary maintains a disciplined, systems-based approach to creating value for his clients.  He delivers consistent results by maintaining a keen focus on standards of best practice, team building and delegation.



Darryl Bandoro

As the Managing Director of Silverstone Wealth Partners, Darryl Bandoro, is intimately involved in all aspects of the firms’ business.

An Ottawa native, Darryl has spent the majority of his career working in the financial services and real estate sector.  He completed degrees in Commerce at the University of Ottawa and Political Science at Carleton University.

Following his interest in the stock market, Darryl spent many years trading traditional financial investments, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds, with a major brokerage.

Darryl now focuses his energy on helping his clients grow their net worth through alternative investments and strategic financial advice.  He is a registered Exempt Market Dealing Representative with STEVLOC Management Inc. and a mortgage agent with FMP Mortgage Investments Inc.

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